Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shirley Temple, The Youngest, Most Sacred Monster of the Cinema in Her Time by Salvador Dali, 1939

Director Merian C. Cooper Tells Fay Wray the Story of King Kong, 1933

Louise Brooks & Friend

Frank Larson - Movie Theater Ticket Booth, Times Square, 1954

Marie Wilson

Mae West

A Final Glamour Shot -- Jean Harlow for Saratoga (Jack Conway, 1937)

She died as the result of complications from kidney failure before the picture was finished. 

Robert Taylor & Jean Harlow, 1937

"Like a Couple of Wild Animals" - Gun Crazy (Joseph H. Lewis, 1950)

Peggy Cummins & John Dall taking five. 

John Dall, Peggy Cummins & Joseph H. Lewis

Starring John Dall, Peggy Cummins, Berry Kroeger, Harry Lewis & Russ Tamblyn. Written by MacKinlay Cantor & Dalton Trumbo (using a front). Cinematography by Russell Harlan.