Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ferocious Gun Battle From the Lost Film, THE CITY GONE WILD (James Cruze, 1927)

The Death of Gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, Beverly Hills, June 20, 1947

The scene of crime, Virginia Hill's Beverly Hills Home.

"The arrow points to a window at the home of Virginia Hill, where the assassin stood and fired nine shots that ended the career of Bugsy Siegel. Detectives inspect six of the nine shells (circles) that scattered over the driveway."

 "A detective examines five holes made by bullets fired at the gangster. Some of the bullets passed through Siegel's body before knocking down a statue on the top of a piano and splattering into the wall amid an arrangement of paintings." 

"This diagram-photo shows how, according to police reports, the assassin crept up the driveway of a next door house in the darkness and fired nine shots that ended Siegel's career. The arrow points to Miss Hill's mansion. The killer escaped in a car parked in the street, with its motor running, according to police reports. Siegel's death signalized an underground war for the supremacy in the Pacific Coast rackets." 

Bullet holes in the window from where the gunmen shot Bugsy Siegel as he sat on the living room sofa in the home belonging to his companion, Virginia Hill. 
A mob line-up, 1942. Siegel has been blocked out, but the others are (from the left), Joseph "Doc Harris" Rosen, Harry Teitlebaum, Harry "Big Greenie" Schachter & Louis "Lepke" Buchalter.

Photographs Courtesy of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Collection.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Because We Think You're Swell -- A DHM Mixtape

Intro to...(3)*
Love Song of the Nile - Korla Pandit

Some of These Days - The Kordt Sisters
Where Flamingos Fly - Linda Lawson

La Grosse Margot - Monique Morelli
Weekend of a Private Secretary - Charlene Bartley

Lonely House - Lotte Lenya
Intro to (9)*
Could Be/Bad Luck Card/Bad Man - Langston Hughes w/Leonard Feather's All-Star Sextet
Blues at Dawn - Langston Hughes w/Leonard Feather's All-Star Sextet
Intermettzo - Korla Pandit

The Loneliest House on the Street --Little Jimmy Scott
You Made Me Love You -- Joyce Bryant

C'est Si Facile De Vous Aimer -- Josephine Baker

Hiasmina - Jean Seberg
Stars Are the Windows of Heaven - Jesse Crawford

Intro to (37)*
Begin the Beguine - Lynn Rockwell
I Found a New Way To Go To Town - Mae West

Scandalize My Name - Paul Robeson (Live in Moscow)
You Came Along (From Out of Nowhere) - Tony Perkins

Marie La Veau - Papa Celestin

Intro to (24)*
Autumn in New York - Jeri Southern
Crystal Chandeliers - Louis Armstrong
Fortune Tellin' Man - Midge Williams & Her Jesters
Moonlight Sonata - Monte Maxwell on the Great Stalacpipe Organ

Intro to (35)*
Rabbit Hop - Moondog

A Bar on the Piccola Marina - Noel Coward
Louisiana Nocturne - Jesse Crawford
In Memory of W.B. Yeats - W.H. Auden

Gone With the Cowboys - Rock Hudson
If You Go Away - Rod McKuen (Live at Carnegie Hall)
Cycles - Frank Sinatra

*All Introductions from the Kingston Trio live LP, ONCE UPON A TIME, recorded at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Lake Tahoe, Nevada in July of 1966.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stori-View 3-D Full Color Picture Stories -- Gabby Hayes' Tall Tales, 1954

Admiral Hayes

Bagpipe Hayes

Clown Hayes

Daniel Boone Hayes

Foreign Legion Hayes
Home-Run Hayes

Hunter Hayes

Indian Chief Hayes

Jolly Roger Hayes

Lifeguard Hayes

Maharajah Hayes

Matador Hayes

Muscles Hayes

Officer Hayes
Patriot Hayes

Professor Hayes

Robin Hood Hayes

Royal Mountie Hayes

Santa Claus Hayes

Sherlock Hayes

Spaceman Hayes

Top Hat Hayes

Touchdown Hayes

Two-Gun Hayes